The Highest Paying Jobs in Cyber Security



If your company recently faced a security attack, it’s highly likely to encounter more attacks. Cybersecurity analysts help mitigate further attacks through seamless system monitoring. Also, they Java Developer Job Description: Role and Responsibilities investigate breaches and provide thought leadership in the industry. As the highest-paid executive in the cyber security sphere, CISOs can earn up to $200k plus bonuses for their expertise.

highest paying cyber security jobs

Consequently,  companies are willing to invest generously to protect their data. Someone with a love for the law, for example, may choose to focus their career on ethical norms and legal requirements for cybersecurity. This could include privacy, disclosure, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which protects digital creators from infringement and acts of piracy. Designers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to translate their creative skills into more secure network environments. The field requires those who can teach, write, code, and test—all within the day-to-day applications we use all the time—and who have an eye for the most secure methods possible. For those interested in the planning, designing, implementing, and operating of security infrastructures, a role as a cybersecurity analyst may also be a good fit.

Cloud Engineer

The salary for an application security engineer can vary depending on what company they work for and how much experience they have. The average salary ranges from $78,000 to $116,000, but it can go up to $150,000 if you are a senior-level engineer or have more than ten years of experience. Rounding out this list of the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs, the average salary for the Network Security Engineer role now ranges between $120,000 to $208,000.

Security Engineers plan and develop secure networks within their organizations, as well as review existing systems for vulnerabilities. Additionally, they are in charge of ensuring that all security systems remain up to date to protect against potential threats. CISOs are responsible for leading their teams to develop security policies, implement technologies, and monitor threats. They also serve as an important point of contact between organizations and the outside world, helping ensure that data and networks remain safe. With so much responsibility, it’s no surprise that CISOs are in great demand.

Security Analyst

They design and implement policies and procedures that protect data from unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure. The salary for a cloud security specialist varies depending on their experience level. An entry-level salary ranges from $50K-$60K annually, while an experienced worker can expect to make $90K-$110K annually. The application security engineer is the one who creates, implements, and maintains the security of a company’s applications. They are responsible for designing and implementing policies that will protect against both internal and external threats.

In an effort to avoid being hit by a cyberattack, organizations have turned to hiring cybersecurity professionals to keep their information online, in the cloud, and on drives to stay safe and secure. Because this sensitive data and documents are so important to the survival of the company, employers are willing to compensate these experts quite well. Whether you’re purely a highly-skilled hobbyist or one with a relevant college degree, the cybersecurity industry has a job for you. Incident response leads typically work either in larger organizations that have their own dedicated incident response team, or for third-party incident response firms. Incident responders are typically highly adept in a wide range of technical disciplines (any disciplines concerned with an “attack vector”), and possess very good decision making skills.

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